Connect the Dots Generator

Welcome to our Connect the Dots Generator! Here you can create unlimited free connect the dots game to play online or print. To start with the dot-to-dot generator, click on the button below and select a picture from your device. Or just drag any picture from your browser into the area below.

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Crop the image

Draw the dots

Remove color:

Click/tap on a dot to drag it. Click/tap on a line to add a dot. Double-click/tap a dot to delete it.

Preview the game

Font size:
Image hint:
Only inside shape:

Configure the game type, style and preview it here. Optionally give your game a title and press Create to create the game

Setup a custom sequence


A custom sequence can be anything from numbers to text. To create a sequence just enter one item per row in the Sequence field.

For each line you can add one or more wrong values. To do so, just separate the values by semi-colons (;). The first value is always the right one.

Enter an explanation to help the players understand how to solve the sequence. The explanation appears before starting the game.

The generator helps you creating sequences automatically without entering the values one-by-one. Just try it out to see how it works.

When you are done, just press the Apply button or press the back button to cancel your changes.

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