How to Create Free Coloring Pages using Artificial Intelligence

In today’s exploration of the fascinating world of art and imagination, we delve into the realm of personalized coloring pages, demonstrating how effortlessly you can create and print your unique masterpieces using the Oh, My Dots! website. Oh, My Dots!, a free platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, empowers users to craft incredible games and activities. Join us on this colorful journey as we navigate the simple yet captivating process of turning your chosen images into personalized coloring pages.

Getting Started with Oh My Dots

The first step in your artistic adventure is to open your web browser and visit the Oh My Dots website at Once there, hit the ‘Create’ button and choose ‘Coloring Page.’ This action initiates the free “Coloring Page Generator”, your gateway to transforming ordinary images into delightful coloring pages.

Oh, my Dots! game generators

Selecting and Cropping Your Image

Now, click on the large white rectangle to choose an image from your device. Alternatively, you can drag an image directly from the internet into the designated ‘Drop Zone.’

After selecting your image, customize its size by cropping it to your desired dimensions. Once satisfied, click “next” to proceed to the next stage of the creative process.

Choosing Coloring Modes

The Coloring Page Generator offers three distinct modes to generate your coloring page: Trace Mode, AI Sketch, and Contrast Mode.

  1. Trace Mode: Utilizing a computer vision algorithm, this mode traces the contours of the image.
  2. AI Sketch: Similar to Trace Mode, AI Sketch employs an artificial intelligence model to create a realistic-looking line drawing.
  3. Contrast Mode: Ideal for clip art pictures or drawings, Contrast Mode retains dark colors while eliminating lighter ones.

Experiment with each mode and choose the one that best suits your image. Moreover, each mode comes with additional configurations. Adjust the sliders and toggle the switches to witness how they influence the final result, allowing for a truly customized coloring page.

AllVectorizeConverts from a grayscale image into a black and white vector image. Although you might lose some of the fine grain details, vectors can scale without losing quality, which make them particularly suitable for printing.
Trace and ContrastDetailsIncrease or decrease the level of details in the final image
TraceLine widthSets the width of the trace lines
TraceLightAdds or removes light to the image before the trace algorithm. This might help increasing or decreasing the details after tracing.
A.I. SketchSharpenSharpens the image making it less blurry

Printing Your Masterpiece

With your personalized coloring page ready, it’s time to bring it into the physical realm. Click on the ‘Print’ button to open the print preview. In this stage, you still have the opportunity to change the page title.


In just a few simple steps, you’ve unleashed your creativity and transformed ordinary images into beautiful coloring pages, all thanks to Oh My Dots. This user-friendly platform opens a world of possibilities, making art accessible to everyone. So, armed with your favorite coloring tools, dive into this relaxing adventure and bring your imagination to life on the pages you’ve crafted. The fusion of technology and creativity has never been more accessible, and Oh My Dots is your gateway to exploring the endless realms of artistic expression.

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