Download free printable connect the dots worksheets

Playing connect the dots games online or on a piece of paper is more than fun. Linking the dots boosts concentration skills, spatial perception, and memory. At Oh, My Dots! you can create and download unlimited free connect the dots worksheets.

How to download free connect the dots worksheets

To download the free worksheets, simply go to the Oh, My Dots! printouts gallery, select the picture you want and click on the Print button to download the free PDF file. 

Free connect the dots worksheets gallery

You can also create your connect the dots worksheets using the exclusive Oh, My Dots! game generator. Just upload the picture and follow the simple steps to create your personalized dot-to-dot worksheet. When your work is complete, you can print it or share it with your friends and family for some online fun.

Benefits of connecting the dots for 3 to 5 years old children

Connecting the dots is more than a fun challenge for preschool children. It trains their patience and concentration, and it is a great tool for small kids to train and improve their hand-eye coordination. They just enjoy guessing which image will come out, and drawing it by themselves is always rewarding. And to finalize their work of art, coloring the picture will enhance their creativity.

Oh, my Dots! worksheets can be played online and as a printable PDF document. In the Oh, my Dots! printouts gallery you will find worksheets with animals, vegetables, fruits, and everything kids love.

Educational games from 6 years and above

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, older children can also practice their creativity by creating connect the dots games. It is great fun to upload a picture or drawing of their own and create a link-the-dots worksheet to share with their friends.

Oh, My Dots! makes it very easy to create new games. But the whole creative process of selecting the right picture, positioning the dots, and styling the game is left to the game author. 

Math training or learning the roman numerals becomes more interesting when kids see it as a game rather than an obligation.

On top, it is still a game, so they can see how many seconds or minutes it took for them to connect the dots and who was the fastest one. It’s undoubtedly a fun way to engage in an online activity.

Girl and father having fun completing a connect the dots game

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